"Chris Mitchell is a musical freak of nature!  When on stage live he is a fearless performer with a range and musical instinct that makes anything possible!  That same musical ability is evident in the studio as a producer.  He knows where the music should go and finds that right way to take it there!" - Janet Kenyon, Owner Kenyon Artist Development, Vocal Coach (Nashville, TN)

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris in the studio as well as live performances. It isn’t enough to say that his vocal ability is unmatched. One must see him sing live to fully grasp just how unbelievable his voice is. You can surround him on a stage with world class musicians and his vocal still steals the show." - Brian Sitler, Producer, Sitler & Strong Productions (Nashville, TN)

"Chris Mitchell is an amazing talent. When he took over our sound and lights, Chris took Canvas from being a neighborhood bar to a full on dance club on Friday and Saturday nights. His DJ and production skills are top notch. Whether spinning, running sound, or singing live: Chris has never failed to deliver at Canvas!"

– Darek Tanner, Owner Canvas(Nashville, TN)

"Working with Chris Mitchell is genius, magic and special sauce! He has great ideas and can execute them.  He is quick and tasteful.  Any seasoned musician will have definitely spent more for way less." - Vic Sorrel, Recording Artist (Nashville, TN)

"The professional quality music on my last album would not have been possible without Chris Mitchell's expertise as a producer and vocalist.  His amazing vocal prowess and voice coaching was just what I needed to get the best takes.  I found his input and advice on tone, timber and breath to be invaluable throughout the recording process.  His studio has a very welcoming vibe, where I felt comfortable getting into my zone for those takes that really made the album special.  I would highly recommend Nickelbug Studios to any professional artist looking for a place to create their magic and hear it come to life, as Chris focuses all of his energy into each session with dedication and purpose." - Daniel Lawrence Walker, Recording Artist, Songwriter (Nashville, TN)

"Chis Mitchell is an extremely talented artist but his talent does not stop there alone.  I have had the opportunity to work with him in multiple areas of the music business.   As a vocal student I learned so much from Chris.  I also have worked with him in pre-production background vocal arrangements, as well as mixing and mastering.  Chris not only has great ability in music production but he also has a very strong work ethic and wants to make sure his clients are happy.  I would highly recommend Chris for your next studio project." - Angela Easley, Recording Artist (Nashville, TN)

"Chris Mitchell is one of those rare birds that has more talent in his little pinkie than most have in their entire bodies. The best thing about that though is that he doesn't keep it all to himself. He has always had a heart for sharing his gifts to not only uplift his audiences, but to help other budding artists along their own musical journeys. With a wealth of knowledge in both study, business and life experience, you can't go wrong collaborating with Chris Mitchell be it onstage, recording in the studio, studying vocal techniques, crafting songs or even playing one of the venues for which he books talent. And as a bonus, I guaran-damn-tee you will bust a gut laughing all throughout the process! Chris is the real deal and anyone would be wise to take the opportunity to work with him." - Darci Monet Vocalist, Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Actor(Los Angeles, CA)

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